Welcome to the official site of Red Lens Games, Inc. located in the Greater Seattle area.

The Red Lens Vision

Red Lens Games creates the world’s best games for both original and established IPs through a focus on brilliant creativity and flawless execution.

Core Competencies

Red Lens is a coming together of some of the best talent in the game development industry. Here’s a cross section of the experience and skills we bring to every project.


  • Gameplay
  • Animation
  • Graphics
  • AI
  • Networking
  • Client/Server
  • Performance/Memory
  • Audio
  • Cross-platform
  • Development
  • Tools and Pipelines
  • Platform TRC


  • IP Creation
  • Gameplay Mechanics
  • Cross Media Initiatives


  • UnrealEngine3
  • UnrealEngine4
  • Unity


  • PS3
  • PS4
  • XboxOne
  • Xbox360
  • PC
  • PS Vita
  • iOS
  • Android